Melt Brothers X ARKTK

It was a pleasure to work with ARKTK on our Garden City store through the whole process from the preliminary design stage through to the delivery of the completed shop. ARKTK was able to see our vision, and work with us to get the end completed result within our restricted budget and time frame. ARKTK helped manage the fitout contractors, time schedules and dealt with the lessors making the process very smooth for us. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a professional and we would be happy to work with them again.
— Justin Kong, Director, Melt Brothers
Melt Brothers Westfield Garden City Arkitek Solutions 1
The Arkitek team was great to collaborate with on Melt Brothers, Garden City. Once their design was completed, Arkitek engaged us for the build, and took care of the PM with Westfield, and the client. The process meant we could focus on what was needed with the construction side of things. Look forward to working on our next project together.
— Adam Head, Director, Heads up Film & Construction

Melt brothers, westfield garden city

Arkitek Solutions were engaged to manage the entire process from concept to completion. Arkitek appointed Heads Up Film Services  to complete the construction works. 

  • Concept Design to Construction Documentation
  • Specifications & FFE
  • Approvals Management
  • Retail Centre Management
  • Project Management
  • Budget & Cost Management
  • Client & Contractor Management
  • Photography & Video